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Elizabeth Roffey

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Elizabeth Roffey
Elizabeth Roffey RVN Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Elizabeth joined Chestnuts in 2020. She has always had a strong connection to animals and from a young age knew that she would go on to work closely with them. She has worked with a wide variety of species within the veterinary field for six years now, and is currently awaiting her final examination to qualify as an RVN. Elizabeth feels that the greatest joy within her career is bonding with the animals, and she really values forming a trust with her patients that allows her to care for them without causing distress, and to enable examinations or procedures to be performed that would otherwise not be possible.

Once qualified, Elizabeth hopes to further explore animal behaviour, so she can help make a visit to the vets as pleasant an experience as possible for even the most nervous of our patients.