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Chestnut's Health Club

Everything your pet needs to give them unrivalled protection

Chestnut's Health Club

Everything your pet needs to give them unrivalled protection

Chestnut's Health Club

Comprehensive veterinary care at an affordable price

When it comes to looking after your pet’s health and wellbeing, preventative care is always the best option. Waiting until your companion is unwell can lead to a painful and drawn-out course of treatment for your furry friend, which can result in a hefty medical bill for you.

It’s for this reason that Chestnut Vets have created Chestnut’s Health Club. Becoming a member means your pet will receive all the essential preventative healthcare they need.

The cost of your pet’s membership is spread out for you into easy and affordable monthly payments.

What is included in Chestnut’s Health Club?

Everything your pet needs to give them unrivalled protection from parasites plus regular veterinary checks, including:

  • Health consultations – Your pet is entitled to two routine preventative health consultation 6 months apart throughout the year. Your four-legged friend will be checked all over for any potential health issues, giving the best possible chance for any problems to be picked up and treated as early as possible.
  • Vaccinations and boosters – Vaccination is the best way to protect your pet from a range of dangerous diseases all year round, with annual boosters ensuring their defence remains as strong as possible. Your companion will enjoy a full programme of vaccination as part of Chestnut’s Health Club.
  • Parasite protection – Worms, fleas and other unwanted creepy crawlies can cause your pet endless frustration and discomfort, as well as putting them at risk from various diseases carried by parasites. Defending your companion from these creatures is a simple process and is included in their Chestnut’s Health Club membership.
  • Nurse clinics – Access to our nurse clinics with nurse consultations available as often as you need them.
  • Discounts off food – In addition to all of this great health care, when you sign up for the Chestnut’s Health Club you will also be entitled to a discount of 10% off all dietary foods sold in practice.

How do I pay? To make Chestnut’s Health Club as affordable as possible, payment is spread out over the year. You will set up a monthly direct debit when you sign up, which means you can feel secure in the knowledge that your pet’s health care is already taken care of all through the year.

*terms and conditions apply

Type of animal Monthly cost Approximate yearly saving
Extra Small Dog
£12 £100
Small Dog
£14 £90
Medium Dog
£16 £95
Large Dog
£18 £100


£10 £110


Give your pet the all-round health care they deserve with Chestnut’s Health Club.

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